We at Wine Wine Situation care most about the history of a wine and the terroir it is from, our priority  is thus to work with  partners who share the same value and ethic. This is why we choose to work with Sovex Grands Chateau, a sincere and reliable partner who has a major place among the Bordeaux scene.

– ” What makes us different: our wine collections reflect all the facets of Bordeaux. For those who have trust in us, Sovex GrandsChateaux stands for peace of mind, provided by quality.
Our wines meet customers’ expectations because we are actively involved in the vineyards and in the selection of wines through tastings. We play an important role in each link of the supply chain, whether it be at the properties themselves, during the ageing of the wines, in customer service or in distribution world-wide.

Our philosophy: If a wine does not express any sort of emotion then it does not belong in our collection. Every label should tell a story, a vineyard owner’s experience, the authenticity of a terroir. Wine merchants interact in a world of contacts. We believe that we have a unique way of maintaining relationships based on trust. We strive to be forthright, sincere and direct so that these relationships last.

The team: Our team consists of seventy-seven members. It does not matter whether they are from Bordeaux or elsewhere. What is important is that everyone at Sovex GrandsChateaux shares a key value – a passion for wine.  Employing people with different origins and career paths means that the team is truly versatile. This is what makes us able to understand and respond better to the expectations of customers all over the world.”- 

Extract from Sovex Grand  Chateau Website